Let's Get Out Of Here

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From its invigorating beats to its uplifting lyrics the Let's Get Out of Here album ignites a sense of wanderlust and spontaneity.  It's a musical invitation to break free from the confines and routine and embrace the thrill of love. With it's infectious energy and carefree attitude, this album inspires listeners to embrace the unknown and chase their wildest dreams.

L Pearce, Newbury Musical Express

With the catchy bass hook and infectious upbeat melodies, Loopy draws you in immediately with this album. A Wonderful accompaniment to the start of summer, this music has you singing along to ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’ within seconds of the chorus starting. It is impossible to resist dancing along to and a perfect tonic after a long day. 

A great listen. 👂 💥

L Johnson, Berkshire

Especially loving, 'Let's get out of here'. Great catchy tune, brilliant. Feels very positive and makes me smile and really listen. Nice one Loopy.

Alison B. in Berkshire

Happy Mummy in Wash Common

Not too shabby!

Charlie S.

From Portsmouth

Thanks for sharing, love nr 1 and 3 😁.

The band feels more as one.

Shared it with Dutchies

M Von Zonn.


Nice and tight.  Love the rhythm of Track 3 esp.  Liked 1 & 3 most.  Next Eurovision material - better than this year's entry to be sure.

Coffee break over...

M. Hudson


First song around 15th second reminds me one track of Beatles, love the bass, I love to listen to good old loopy

J Opatrny


"Every day" is the stand out for me, but "pick up the bag" is close. Do I hear you in the harmonies @⁨Smash⁩ ? Good production quality

Alistair, Gosport

...absolutely marvellous.

Mark Weavers


I like every day best..then the bag one

Steve, Rutland

Let's get out of here is the kind of song I want written about me.

L Pearce


I love the front cover.

Duffy, London

Cheers. I’m enjoying the LP.  Loving 5 mile smile😃

S Chandler


Do you have any more? 

C McAlpin, High Wycombe

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